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Plains Tx Divisional Epee Tournament Results
March 31, 2000


This Tournament was hosted by the Double T Fencing Club in Lubbock Texas at the Rec Center at Texas Tec.

Armour for the event was Jim Evans.  Bout committee for the event included:  Dmitry Markov, Ruth Rechsteiner and Aaron Clements.  The bout committee did the majority of the directing.

1.         Ben Clendennan        THS
2.        Jan Dobrzensky          DTFC
3.Tie   Dmitry Markov           DTFC
3.Tie   Aaron Clements          DTFC
5.        Oleg Tolmachev         AC
6.        Josh Evans                 AC
7.        James Cahill              LFC
8.        David Swart              DTFC
9.        Chuck Slaughter        AC
10.      Paul Whitmer             LFC
11.      Jordan Rechsteiner     LFC
12.      Julie Hunt                   DTFC
13.      Michelle Lacko          AC
14.      Walker Carlisle          THS
15.      Tim Ingalls                 THS
Divisional Meeting was held at lunch & officers were elected:

Elected as USFA Plains Texas Division Officers
for August 1, 2001 to July 31, 2002, are:

        Dmitry Markov (DTFC)    Chairman
        Matt Hite  (AC & FFC)   Vice-Chairman
        Chuck Slaughter (AC)    Secretary
        Aaron Clements (DTFC)   Treasurer

Other items discussed were: 

Buying of capital equipment:  division will pay half for scoring equipment if the equipment will be made avaiable for all division tournaments

Great news:  two new salles in the division:  Fannin Fencing Team (Amarillo) and Midland Fencing Club in Midland.

Also discussed the closing of the Tascosa Salle in Amarillo and the possibility of the equipment being bought  for other clubs or division use.

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